Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach – The Quaterback’s Job and its Relation to Business

As the star quarterback of Cornell University’s Big Red football team, Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach, Florida played an outstanding two seasons for Coach Jim Knowles. During his first season he led the offense to complete 54 of 105 passes, for 615 yards, with three touchdowns and four interceptions. During his second season he was able to complete 96 of 179 passes with 5 yards per carry average to go with twelve rushing touchdowns and six thrown touchdowns.

Silhouette Group of Business People Meeting

Silhouette Group of Business People Meeting

For the less knowledgeable among us, what exactly is a quarterback’s job? A quarterback is the leader of the team’s offensive play. He calls the plays in the huddle and lines up directly behind the offensive line. As a result, the quarterback is arguably the most important position of the team as he acts as a messenger for the coach’s plans, with the liberty to modify as needed.

This role fits leaders perfectly. Once the quarterback’s team has the ball, he must evaluate the defense for a plausible method of penetration. This requires a great deal of improvisation as you can never be sure what the other team will do. Based on past experiences, or games watched, the quarterback can make a decision on what move to make; this requires initiative.

When it comes to business, evaluation of the defense, improvisation and initiative are essential. You need to consider what your competition may be doing and come up with ways to counteract their movies or beat them before they even begin. You need to be able to improvise, as mentioned above, you can never be sure what the other side will do. If their plans change at the last minute, you need to be able to readjust so that you can remain above the competition. And last but not least you need to be able to take initiative. In business it is often the person who makes the first move and carries it through comes out on top. If you delay with making your move, then you will more often than not get beat and your team will be disappointed and may feel like all the work they put in went to waste.

The next time you watch a football match, see how the quarterback takes charge of his team and leads them through the game. That is what you need to do to make your business a success.


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