Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach – The Prestige of Ivy League

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Ryan Michael Kuhn attended Cornell University where he double majored in Applied Economics and Business Management. For two years during college, Kuhn led an outstanding career as the Cornell University Big Red Football team’s quarterback. During his debut he completed fourteen of twenty-four pass attempts and ran for two touchdowns. He ultimately became the first quarterback in Ancient Eight history to run and throw for over 1,000 yards.

Ryan Michael Kuhn West Palm Beach

HIgh school football players on the way to a first down. Shot to capture motions blur.

Unbeknownst to many, the term Ivy League officially refers to an athletic conference in which the eight colleges’ sports teams compete. Today however, the term has grown to have much wider connotations. Now if simply refers to the group of 8 private east-coast colleges and universities renowned for providing an excellent education and their significant history. The Ivy Leagues are:

  • Harvard, 1636
  • Yale, 1701
  • Pennsylvania, 1740
  • Princeton, 1746
  • Columbia, 1754
  • Brown, 1764
  • Dartmouth, 1769 and
  • Cornell, 1865.

Ivy League universities are highly selective and very expensive, so Ryan Michael Kuhn West Palm Beach attending, is no small feat and his hard work that has continued past his college days should be congratulated.

Ivy League colleges regularly appear in the top college rankings in the United States and pride themselves on a rigorous curriculum. Having an Ivy League school on your resume automatically gives you an edge above your peers when it comes to job search after graduation, and you receive entry into a much sought after alumni network.

Attending an Ivy League school does have its benefits, however, you can get an excellent education elsewhere. When you or someone you know is applying to an Ivy League school, have them weigh their options and consider what they want to accomplish in life and make their decision based on that.


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