Fundamentals of Quarterbacking

The quarterback is the most important position on the football field. He is the only player who touches the ball on every play, he can make adjustments on the fly, and his actions decide how the offense will execute a certain play. If the quarterback makes a mistake, the offense could be ineffective or turnover the ball. Playing quarterback is clearly not an easy task. You need to have a good mix of mental strength and intelligence as well as being an incredible athlete with the ability to move well.

Ryan Michael Kuhn West Palm Beach

Ryan Michael Kuhn West Palm Beach

First off, you obviously need a good arm. Not all quarterbacks can throw the deep ball, which is fine because they make up for it by completing a high accuracy and efficient short passes that produce yards after the catch. Good throwing mechanics is important as is having big hands for a good grip.

Movement is important as well. Having special awareness is key because you need to know where your blockers are and will be and where the pass rushers are coming from. Scrambling ability is a bonus and makes the defense have to worry about your arm and your feet.

Most importantly though, you need to have a sharp mind. Making quick decisions, reading the playing field, and understanding where all your teammates are is important. You have to be able to slow the game down and anticipate things. 60 percent of quarterback play is all in the mind.

Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach is a former Division I starting quarterback. He was the starter for Cornell University for two seasons and amassed a win/loss record of 9-6.




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